“Baby Killer” in Day of the Dark

Margaret S. Hamilton

I love eclipses and meteor showers. A few years ago, we watched the Transit of Venus through a telescope at the Cincinnati Observatory.

Excited to write my eclipse story, I struggled to generate a plot. I find solar eclipses wondrous, but ominous. Twain uses a solar eclipse to great effect in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, but an actual solar eclipse event is so short. What dastardly crime could happen during those crucial two minutes?

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5 thoughts on ““Baby Killer” in Day of the Dark

  1. Margaret S. Hamilton

    Nupur, I finally remembered how I came up with the phrase “baby killer.” We spent Thanksgiving in a charming New Orleans rental home, where we slept in the combined nursery and guest room. I awoke one night with the phrase ringing in my ears.

    I found it compelling and terrifying, so I wove it into a story about pregnant women during past and present solar eclipses.

  2. Kaye George

    It’s a good thing writers dream. I’ve gotten great ideas from dreams. Nice post–thanks for that. And thanks to Rachel for keeping the blog open for this.

  3. Holly Sweany

    I found this so informative. Thankful this is continuing. I have learned a lot each visit.

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