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New Story Published in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine July/August 2019

A new B.K. Stevens story was published in the July/August 2019 issue of AHMM. Buried secrets percolate to the surface, plans and machinations go awry, and the perfect murder may be anything but. Just ask Charles, who’s planning to kill his wife in B. K. Stevens’s “The Tourist.” Click here to read the story.

And to read a thoughtful analysis by Art Taylor, who has continued the blog The First Two Pages started by B.K. Stevens, click here.

Anthony Award for “The Last Blue Glass”!
Bouchercon 2017–Passport to Murder

We are delighted to announce that “The Last Blue Glass” has won an Anthony Award in the Best Novella category. The Anthony awards are presented at the Bouchercon World Mystery Convention. “The Last Blue Glass,” which was also nominated for Agatha and Derringer awards, appeared in the April, 2016 Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. Here is editor Linda Landrigan’s description: “A young wife finds her life’s disappointments measured in broken glass.” “The Last Blue Glass” is a whodunit, though not in the usual sense. Nobody’s committed an overt murder, but Cathy believes one of the four people gathered at her dinner table is responsible for her husband’s death. And she wants justice. You can read the story at

New Stories Out in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine and Black Cat Mystery Magazine

A new Leah Abrams story, “Death under Construction,” appears in the November/ December issue of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. This time, temporary secretary Leah takes a job at Matching Mansions, a construction company specializing in building luxury doghouses. When the manager dies of seemingly natural causes, Leah and Lieutenant Brock wonder if there might be a shocking explanation behind her fatal heart attack.

AHMM has also accepted “One-Day Pass,” a humorous whodunit about what happens when the ghost of a murdered private detective comes back to ask his former partner to help him solve a crime. This is my first attempt at a story with a paranormal element–I had a lot of fun writing it. The story should appear in the April/May issue.

I’ll also have a story in the second issue of Black Cat Mystery Magazine, a brand-new publication from Wildside Press. According to Wildside’s announcement, “BCMM will focus on contemporary and traditional mysteries, as well as thrillers and suspense stories.” In my story, “Things Past,” a mother is devastated when her college-student son is killed in an apparent carjacking. Six years later, when she finally forces herself to go through his room, she finds things that don’t fit that explanation and wonders if someone her son knew could be responsible for his death. Shaking off her numbing grief, she decides to investigate and ends up in a dangerous situation.

This story was released in January 2018. Click here to buy a copy.

I’m interviewed in the June issue of The Digest Enthusiast, a fascinating publication that celebrates genre magazines. The interview (it’s a long one) focuses on my stories for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, especially the series featuring Lieutenant Walt Johnson and Sergeant Gordon Bolt. This issue also includes an interview with science fiction writer Edd Vick, with Vick’s advice on finding markets for short speculative fiction; a review of the first issues of the classic crime digest Manhunt; and more articles, reviews, and original stories. If you’d like more information, you can find it here.