Laurel S. Peterson

First, thank you B.K. Stevens for having me back on your fascinating blog. I’m so pleased to be here. I’m going to talk about the first two pages of my second book, which I’m going to finish (yes, I am!) this summer. The Fallen is the second in my Clara Montague series, so the first two pages of the new book must do a lot of work in terms of introducing the reader to the previously established characters, as well as creating tension to draw someone into the new story.

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3 thoughts on “THE FIRST TWO PAGES: The Fallen

  1. B.K. Stevens

    Thanks for contributing this post, Laurel! I think it’s remarkable that you give us such a strong sense of both characters in only two pages, while also drawing us into a dramatic situation and a complex relationship.

  2. Loretta Wheeler

    Hi, Laurel 🙂 Love the drama of the first two pages! And, you’re right on time with adding the racial complexities. The RWA recently offered a survey regarding this, noting that there was an emerging market for more interaction between races. So, I think it’s an excellent plot for this era we’re in 🙂 Good luck with completing your next novel by the end of summer! Goals for completion, the writers’ eternal carrot stick that keeps us crawling to the computer!

    Lo (New Guppy Member) 🙂

  3. Laurel Peterson

    Thanks, Lo, especially for the comment regarding dealing with racial complexities. There has been much about it in the news recently, especially around the Lionel Shriver controversy, if you’re familiar with that. My students and I had a number of really productive discussions about it this semester. I hope I do a good job–we’ll see! Thanks so much for dropping by.

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