The First Two Pages of Just Another Termination — Hook ‘Em Early and Often

Linda Thorne

When I was scheduled to appear on B.K. Stevens’ renowned First Two Pages today, I thought of using one of my short stories from an anthology who accepted four stories from the six I submitted. The anthology, Soundtrack NOT Included was published in 2012. After reading some of the first pages of other shorts on this specific site–some nominated or having won awards and all lengthier than mine–I didn’t think my stories lent themselves to a good enough dissection of the first two pages. I have to admit also being humbled by the strength of the short stories already posted on this blog.

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9 thoughts on “The First Two Pages of Just Another Termination — Hook ‘Em Early and Often

  1. B.K. Stevens

    Linda, thanks so much for contributing a post! I enjoyed reading your analysis. I’m looking forward to A PROMOTION TO DIE FOR and hope you’ll post again when it comes out.

  2. Amy M. Reade

    I liked how Linda walked us through her thought processes in her first two pages by breaking the material down into small chunks and pointing out what the reader should be able to glean from each piece of information given. It’s a great beginning, and I hope to get some time to read the book this summer. Well done, Linda!

  3. Saralyn Richard

    Linda, you do a great job of analyzing the writing process in your first two pages. I teach creative writing, and I’ve never thought to have my students explain their writing like that, but it looks like a wonderful assignment. Thanks for the idea! Also, you’ve hooked me into your book!

  4. Linda Thorne

    Saralyn, thank you. I always thought the idea for this blogpost was very unique and creative. This is Bonnie (B.K.) Stevens’ idea. She assigns it to those of us who post here. I never thought of it in terms of education, but yes, that sounds like a great assignment for creative writing students. You can have it be the first part, a middle part, a climax section. If the students find out they can’t analyze the purpose of their segment, then that’s a huge sign they need to rewrite that segment. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Mollie Blake

    Lovely informative post, Linda, revealing your thought processes and objectives, together with a tempting taste of what sounds a great book. Thanks for sharing x

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