The First Two Page of Afternoons in Paris

Janice Law

“Just sneaky-weaky over here and hold this, Francis,” Armand said. Of course, he said it in French because he speaks no English except Hello, Francis, which is how he greets me when I arrive at the studio in the morning. And also if I have stayed over and gotten up early, which I always do, to make a pot of coffee first thing. Hello, Francis, he says, and pats me on the bum and giggles, because he’s a right old queen. But nice, I have to say nice, and as I’ve written more than once to Nan, an excellent teacher.”

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2 thoughts on “The First Two Page of Afternoons in Paris

  1. janice Law

    Glad you enjoyed. One of the best things about writing is how one remembers things, sometimes from many years past, when they are needed for the story of the moment.

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