First Two Pages, Paula Mitchell, PI: Secret Exposure

Jan Christensen

Often PI novels start with the beautiful woman hiring the hardened PI for one reason or another. And often she turns out to be as much of a problem for the poor guy as the case itself.

For this, my tenth novel, I decided to be more deliberate about the beginning from the beginning. But I did follow the tradition of having a difficult client, although he’s a guy, not a femme fatale.

Of course, the female PI has to be tough, too, and the clients are often either liars or evading the truth, keeping back secrets.

For the three books so far in the Paula Mitchell series, I’ve had her meet her clients outside her office.

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6 thoughts on “First Two Pages, Paula Mitchell, PI: Secret Exposure

  1. B.K. Stevens

    Larry, thanks for your comment. I thought Jan’s comments were very clear, too, and the sample pages were lots of fun.

    Thanks for your comments, too, Jacquie. I’ll admit I haven’t read a lot of female P.I. novels, but Jan’s is definitely intriguing.

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