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Helen Dunn Frame

What does a mother do when she outlived her only son and an elderly Greek friend insisted his widow may have played a role in his death? Regardless of the truth, when this happened, I wrote a novel incorporating the traumatic event. It was cathartic, helped me to deal with grief, and to come to terms with the loss.

My son died in 2000 after a “minor” operation during which he developed Swiss cheese-like gangrene on the underside of his stomach and infection took control of his entire body. Months later, I began writing the book featuring the same sleuths from Greek Ghosts because it would be the second in the series of stories of mystery entwined with romance and human traits.

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3 thoughts on “Two Page Blog Featuring Wetumpka Widow, Murder for Wealth

  1. James Hablen

    I am always fascinated to mystery stories and your story was no exception.Wonderful plot and the relationship between the mother and the son highlights the whole story.

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