Racing from Evil–The First Page

Sasscer Hill

After landing a two-book deal with St. Martins Press for a new series, I was surprised to learn that the first Fia McKee novel would not come out until the spring of 2017, a wait of almost two years!

I was aware that some publishers are asking their authors to write novellas and short stories to keep these writers in the public eye during the intervals between their full- length novels. A novella seemed like just the thing.

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4 thoughts on “Racing from Evil–The First Page

  1. B.K. Stevens

    Sasscer, thanks so much for contributing this post! Your opening pages do a wonderful job of drawing readers into Nikki’s world and tantalizing them with hints of troubles to come.

  2. Sasscer Hill

    B.K. Stevens, I just now figured out how to leave a post! It was an honor to post on your most excellent blog for writers. I think this series can be very helpful to writers and I, for one, really appreciate you taking the time and effort to do it!
    Thanks you.

  3. Marilyn Levinson

    I enjoyed reading this, Lynda. Having met Nikki when she’s older, I was intrigued to read about her growing up years. I like the suspenseful line you added. Danger ahead!

  4. Sasscer Hill

    Thank you, Marilyn Levinson! We have both worked very hard to get where we are today. I have watched you “Never give up,” and admire you so much for that. And of course, it helps that you are a great writer!

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