Setting the Hook

Ginny Fite

Ben Cromwell was murdered in the narrow alley between the casino parking garage and the ramp to the stables behind the Charles Town racetrack. Murdered is the nice word for it. Slaughtered is more apt. Eviscerated. Chopped into pieces scattered in a ten-mile radius from the murder scene that had been carelessly scuffed over with dirt, straw, and cedar chips before anyone realized that spot might be critical to an investigation.

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8 thoughts on “Setting the Hook

  1. Linda Thorne

    This is a fairly short post, but the point well made. Those first two paragraphs are quite a hook.

    Also, I’ve read in other places about the power of reading and rereading notes made on what you want to do in a book or what will “jump start” you. That seemed to work here with your post-it note and then the story starting to tell itself and then coming at you pell-mell.

  2. Ginny Fite

    Linda, I think my process is to take in a lot of data from many sources and let it all steep like a good tea bag until the aroma overwhelms me. What’s interesting to me about this is that I don’t have to pay active attention to the process. I ju have to be alert to the cue to start writing.

  3. Linda Thorne

    Ginny, your response was neat too — about the teabag. I have to slave over coming up with every word I write that works and I’m fascinating with others, like you, that just pick out the right ones.

  4. Linda Thorne

    Sorry. I can’t believe I sent that previous post. I tried to edit, but couldn’t. I meant “fascinated” instead of “fascinating.” Also, when I said, ” like you, that just pick… ” Of course, I meant other like you “WHO” just pick. out…” Yikes.

  5. Ginny Fite

    No worries, Linda. Sometimes my fingers go racing across the keyboard ahead of my internal editor and sometimes I sit looking at the screen wondering where that word went to when I wasn looking. Good luck with your writing.

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