Hunting Inspiration With a Club

Vinnie Hansen

Usually I write a short story and then try to find a market for it. By nature I’m more a pantzer than a plotter. I don’t trust myself to spill a good tale unless it starts from the font of inspiration.

Many of these “inspired” stories eventually found homes. But waiting for a muse can be limiting. Jack London once remarked: “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” Last year I got out my club. I tried writing to specific prompts and for specific markets. My success surprised me.

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18 thoughts on “Hunting Inspiration With a Club

  1. K.B. Owen

    It’s so valuable to share how one’s thought processes work! It gives me all kinds of ideas. Looking forward to reading your story. Will the anthology be coming out soon?

  2. Vinnie Hansen

    I agree, Kirsten. The Golden Donut Award has very prescriptive rules, but I find the rules and the image prompts stimulating. Rather than coming up with an idea out of the blue, I know what I have to write about and how long the piece can be. It is liberating.

  3. Heather Haven

    Vinnie, this is wonderful! And I love the start of your short story. Meant to purchase the book it’s contained in, it all got by me, but now I’m going over to Amazon to find it. Thanks for the very worthwhile reminder.

  4. Linda Thorne

    This sounds fun. I’m beginning to thing the good authors are all pantzers. I don’t hear much from the plotters. You even write a fun sounding biography. Good going.

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