The First Two Pages

Every Tuesday, a mystery writer explains how he or she faced the challenges of those brutally difficult–and vitally important–first two pages.

Update On “The First Two Pages”

In 2015, my mom started a blog called “The First Two Pages.” As an author, my mom often thought about what makes a story or novel successful and invited other authors to talk about what worked for them — as well as lessons learned. This blog was something my mom and I did together. She was the brains behind the operation and I was on the technical side of things. We were quite the team and we posted over 130 essays.

When my mom passed away a few months ago, I knew the blog needed to keep going. It’s an important part of her legacy and also a place where writers turn to for guidance. I kept the blog going until the end of October but knew that a blog written for writers and by writers should really be in the hands of a writer. Good friend Art Taylor has graciously taken over “The First Two Pages” on his website. You can find it here:…/the-first-two-pages-eve-f…/

I hope that everyone will continue following the blog posts. Feel free to reach out to me or Art if you would like to contribute as well. I’m glad to see this part of my mom’s legacy continue and it couldn’t be in better hands. Just as “The First Two Pages” suggests in its name, it’s only the beginning and there’s much more left to be said.

Thanks for reading and making it possible to continue this blog.

-Rachel Stevens and the Stevens Family

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