The First Two Pages

Every Tuesday, a mystery writer explains how he or she faced the challenges of those brutally difficult–and vitally important–first two pages.

Hook, Line and Winker

Robert Mangeot

Problems. Every writer has them, not least an opening that grabs a reader by the eyeballs. Setting, mood, point of view, conflict all packaged and launched just so, in two pages. But in a short story, two pages will have plowed deep into the proceedings, a sharp hook and set-up combined, every line serving both masters. Get the balance wrong, and the reader slips off that hook.

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The First Two Pages of Medallion of the Undead

Anthony Rudzki

I joined the Fantasy_Writing group on Yahoo in June of 2009. I had always thought about writing and the challenge of putting pen to paper and producing a novel. Something with compelling characters, a suspenseful plot and cliffhanging chapters that would make my readers take a quick look at the clock in the post-midnight light and continue on.

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A Conversation with a Protagonist About the First Two Pages

KM Rockwood

Many of the characters in my stories are very real to me. They have minds of their own. I often talk to them, especially when I hit a problem. They answer me.

Jesse Damon, the protagonist in my Jesse Damon Crime Novel series, appeared fully formed in my mind and, in his unassuming but persistent way, suggested that his was a story that needed to be told, and I was the one who needed to tell it.

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Damned If You Don’t: The First Two Pages

Anita Page

July 7, 2015

Damned If You Don’t (Glenmere Press) is a dark traditional mystery set in the Catskills. The book features Hannah Fox, a community activist raised in the sixties on picket lines and peace marches, who battles an eminent domain scam that threatens a friend’s land and ends in murder.

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